Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Charles Moore/A Preview

Tuscumbia resident Charles Moore was the owner of J&M Cycles on Cox Boulevard in Sheffield. At the time of his arrest in December 2009, he had approximately forty dollars in his business  account. Moore was so far behind on his rent that the building's owners had threatened him with eviction.

Promising to bring his account up to date, Moore allegedly visited owners Bailey and Betty Nichols at their Hatton home where he murdered the couple. While robbery wasn't a primary motive, some documents pertaining to Moore's lease were later found in his possession. The now 64 year-old Sheffield businessman has denied any involvement in the murders and is currently being held without bond in Lawrence County on two counts of Capital Murder.

From D.K.:

A Pre-trial in Lawrence County - The Capital Murder Case of  Betty and Bailey Nichols who were murdered over 2 years 8 months ago at their Highway 157 home in the Hatton area was set for Sept. 10. A Defense Attorney asked to be excused because of some type of witness in the case. The judge had no choice but to appoint another Defense Attorney since Capital Murder cases have to have two Attorneys.  Charles Moore from Colbert is the defendant in this case. As I understand it at the time of the pre-trial hearing, Mr. Moore had been caught with contraband after his cell had been  searched. So now a very disappointing delay in the Justice System for the Nichols family. Please keep these wonderful people in your thoughts and prayers.

"Justice For All--Even The Victims"

We'll have some other extremely interesting reports from D.K. later in the week.


Besides D.K.'s upcoming stories on crime and crime reporting in the Shoals, we have Bubba lined up to report on "Drinkin' & Drivin' in Shurfield" and a most intriguing tale of a mysterious attack on a family dog...or was it mysterious at all?



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