Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jesse Carl Rainey Still Critical

Jesse Carl Rainey

According to news reports, Jesse Carl Rainey remains in critical condition at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. The son of Regina Barfield Pencak, Jesse was one of eight 15 and 16 year-olds who were at an unsupervised house party near Tuscumbia Saturday morning around 3:30. According to WAFF, Jesse was hiding in a closet pretending to be an intruder when he opened the door and another youth shot him. News reports indicate several hand guns as well as long guns were in the home.

Jesse is the third youth this year to be injured at the home of a friend/schoolmate. The other two youths were killed. Autumn Wood and Dakota Holt are awaiting trial for Felony Murder in the deaths of Brooklyn Hollins and Dylan Milam, respectively.




  1. Is there an update and will the DA tell who shot him? Thanks.

    1. No update that we have. The DA will only tell if he gets an indictment and the youth is charged as an adult. Considering the gravity of the action/crime, we would think he would be.