Thursday, October 4, 2012

Andrew Daniel Scott Returned to Custody

Our source at the Florence-Lauderdale Detention Center states Andrew Daniel Scott of Killen was returned to custody yesterday. The informant didn't know if this was a new arrest or a violation of the terms of his release approximately one week ago. We'll have more information on our favorite candidate for the Eddie Haskell Lifetime Achievement Award as it becomes available.

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From a Reader/Contributor:

There are several possibilities concerning this alleged rape:
1) It NEVER happened
2) It DID happen, but is being handled quietly/carefully due to possible evidence being acted up on slowly/carefully
3) It DID happen and UNA is covering it up, fearing a mass exodus of female students in the wake of a 'serial rapist on campus' announcement.

Our personal take is that something happened on campus, but it wasn't a rape. We do not believe the university would attempt to cover up something of that magnitude.



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  1. I'd say the judge hoped 60 days would dry out young Mr. Scott. I'm sure it did, but he went right back to his drug of choice and failed his first drug test. Or it could be he was arrested in Killen or Florence for DUI. I understand they run all licenses for bail, bond, etc.

    Another thought, the judge could have stipulated Scott stay away from the family he's been harassing and he didn't do it. Either way you can call the circuit court clerk's office to find out. The sad thing is if he's given drug court, he won't last and will go south (not just moving like I did).