Friday, October 19, 2012

Justice Delayed in Franklin County?

The Franklin County trial of former Vina teacher Kimberly Bynum has been delayed for the fifth time; her new day in court is scheduled December 10th. The relative newness of the sex charge against Bynum may be behind the delays, but those affected by Bynum's case certainly wish for the proceedings to take place as quickly as possible. Similarly, the Felony Murder trial of Hershel Dale Graham, also in Franklin County, has been postponed for the fourth time. We're not sure who holds the record for the longest string of postponements--Tommy Arthur or Tre' Wells or someone else, but we hope Graham's attorneys don't come close to breaking the record.


We're glad that Grace Episcopal Church has had something of a reprieve; however, much of the garniture has been stripped and sold. The Quad-Cities Daily has an album of pictures taken just before the windows, mouldings, and pews were removed.


Apparently Navistar has had another blow to its well-being, albeit a small one. Pen N Sword has the latest Navistar updates, plus all Navistar articles archived for easy perusal.



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