Wednesday, October 3, 2012

UPDATE Second Rape at UNA Yesterday?

Update from UNA:

I noticed your blog post today about a possible second rape at UNA. Just want to let you know that neither the UNA Police nor the Florence Police have received any such reports.

Josh Woods
Director of Communications and Marketing
University of North Alabama
(From earlier today:

A source with the Florence Police Department has informed us of a possible second rape on the UNA campus that occurred either late Monday night or early in the day on Tuesday. No further details are available.)

The Staff at Shoalanda Speaks

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  1. We've received some names from readers. While these individuals could be connected to recent sex crimes, they also could not be. Due to liability reasons...and common decency...we cannot publish these comments. If you feel you know of someone who could be connected to these or any sex crimes, please contact authorities.