Sunday, October 7, 2012

Who Will Stand Up For Alabamians?

It's nice to win awards. They make us feel good about ourselves and our work. They let others know we're special. Yet sometimes the awards we win say a great deal about us. We hear of frat boys winning drinking contests or of young women winning wet tee-shirt contests, and most of us don't think they've won anything of particular value. In fact, most of us probably think the winners should be ashamed to have participated in such a contest.

Today's TimesDaily lauded Scott Morris and Robert Palmer for a series of articles they wrote on, or perhaps we should say against, Alabama's HB156. It seems these two journalists have won the 2012 Carmage Wall Award. Who was Carmage Wall? We checked Wikipedia, and Mr. Wall so far has no entry in his name. Other sites tell us that Mr. Wall was a journalist whose career spanned seven decades; he fought for the rights of others--altogether a good thing as long as the rights of still others aren't trampled in the process.

The article didn't mention that along with the plaques honoring Morris and Palmer will come a thousand dollar prize. We imagine the two will split it 75/25...or perhaps the Wall family will be generous and offer each gentleman 1K.

But now we have to ask: Who will stand up for Alabamians? Who will put the needs of legal citizens first? We advocated dipping into the state's trust fund in order to keep Alabamians working. As long as such financial voodoo hoodoo is necessary in this state, we have no reason...or advocate for illegal immigrants.

We're happy to publish opposing views of anyone who doesn't think Alabamians should come first.



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