Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some Prank, Some Grammar, Some People

Some Prank: An October 15th posting on Craig's List has offered a young man for sale for $1,200.00. Obviously this is a prank since anyone who has ever had any contact with boys of this age know their worth rarely approaches $12.00--unless you need lessons in video games.

According to a local woman on Facebook, "This was Kids fooling around and it was accidently posted.I know this child well and his Mother is Very, Very upset att this posting. This child is very loved and taken care of!"


Some Grammar: The TimesDaily has an interesting poll today, or should we say one of the answers is very telling.


Some People: Apparently Demetrius Hampton and David Hill are still wanted for a serious physical assault that took place in Leighton on Monday afternoon. Pen-N-Sword has the story:



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