Monday, October 22, 2012

Let's Bring Back Florence Wagon Works

...and while we're at it, let's bring back all the video stores, one-hour photo developing shops, and typewriter repair businesses. Why, you ask. After all there's no market for these businesses any longer.

Of course, but we have hope the Democrats can correct that. Since we didn't express that eloquently enough, here's a comment on Facebook concerning the upcoming election:

Obama wants is to take this country back to the way it once was, when we had manufacturing in this country and pensions and good wages, and every one prospered business and workers, and you people are hell bent on giving it away even further.

No, gentle readers, once a business is no longer needed, it goes the way of the flesh; it dies. Twenty years ago, the Internet was just a small, somewhat organized tangle of bulletin boards. Now look. Twenty years ago we wouldn't have been here. Thoreau said for everything you gain, you lose something. How many of you want to go back to typing on that trusty IBM Selectric and mailing your missives? Didn't think so.

Instead of lamenting over what's lost forever, let's move forward. You (that means you Sally, Sue, Jim, and Joe) have more opportunities than at any time in history. Don't look back too much or you'll miss your future.


A reader recently commented on cock fighting, and we asked him if he thought Jesus would attend such a match. After re-reading our blog later, we had to ask ourselves if Jesus would have called anyone "White Trash?" We came to the conclusion that He wouldn't have.

People who abuse animals are misguided at best. We're not sure what kind of help these people need, but name-calling isn't it. Let's all work to make laws against animal cruelty stronger. 




  1. I went back and looked at the comments on that subject because I thought someone may have commented further and no where did I see the term White Trash. Where did you get that term, were you referring to yourself for your comment? I didn't see any name calling in the 3 comments made.

    1. Yes, I was referring to myself using the term. I don't think Jesus would have wanted me to use that term for the five men who were probably brought up that it's all right to abuse some or all animals. As I said, the best way to handle it is stiffer penalties and more education.

      Now, if someone should abuse children, I can't promise what I might say about them...

  2. I thought an ad in the Courier Journal today asking voter not to forget local candidates for Colbert County was on the unusual side. If I hadn't noticed Billy Underwood's name, I wouldn't have guessed it was a Democratic party ad.