Monday, October 1, 2012

Damien Lee Nix Caught; Three at Large

Damien Lee Nix (right), one of four escapees from the Florence Detention Center, has been arrested. Nix reportedly separated from the other three prisoners after their Saturday night escape. Authorities speculated Nix might return to Russellville in order to contact girlfriend Ashley Thompson.

Nix and Thompson (left) were arrested last December for the robbery of a guest at the Greenwood Motel in Russellville. Sources in the Russellville Police Department stated they were watching for Nix at the Chinese restaurant where Thompson works; however, he was apparently apprehended before he made it back to Franklin County.

Robert Brown, Wesley Gibson, and Ricky Lawson remain at large. Lawson's father, Earnest Earl Lawson was arrested for facilitating the escape. Authorities say the elder Lawson is no stranger to law enforcement and is currently held in the detention center on felony escape charges.


Ever wonder what those slit eyebrows mean? Escapee Robert Brown can be seen sporting two slits in each brow. For gang members, it can indicate how many they've killed. For the less dangerous thug element, it can mean they have no objection to certain drugs. For some, it's apparently a fashion statement. Well, the slits in Brown's eyebrows probably cost less than a Chanel bag...



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