Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ron Wikkid Weems: A Controversial Baptism

...they went down both into the water, both Philip and the eunuch; and he baptized him.

When we first began our blog slightly over four years ago, we did not consider the possibility of writing on the act of baptism. Yet here we are, addressing a subject that has caused some diverse opinions--all because of one controversial convert, Ron Wikkid Weems.

As far as we know, it's always been the practice to allow any prisoner who so wishes to be baptized. Last Tuesday, Ronald Eugene Weems and an unknown number of inmates from the Colbert County Jail were taken to a church building where they were baptized in some manner. We say in some manner since we don't know what they proclaimed or professed before the act. The building pictured is obviously not home to the more conservative among our local believers--note drum set to the right. That does not mean the baptisms themselves were carried out by members of this particular religious group.

Some have compared the trek to the church building to a field trip. Others have objected that it allowed Weems to spend approximately one hour in a serene setting with two of his children and other family members. Still others have questioned the sincerity of Weems, accused of killing Amanda Taylor and dismembering her body. One of our contacts has informed us that Assistant Colbert County District Attorney Kyle Brown was unaware that Weems was in the group that had requested to be baptized. Was there special security?

One of our readers even questioned how many in this group had been baptized before, but chose to again "put on Christ" in order to escape the tedium of incarceration for a few hours. Some readers of the Baptist faith felt there was no need for the baptism since in their faith it is unnecessary for salvation.

We cannot and will not judge Weems' sincerity in this matter. While we do not personally like Ron Wikkid, we do not begrudge him the opportunity to change his life. We do hope that the vast majority of his future life is spent in a maximum security prison setting. There Weems will have ample time to reflect on his past crimes, sins if you will. We also regret the district attorney's office was not able to charge Weems with a second crime related to Amanda's death in order to try him for Capital Murder. It will be up to the public, those who want justice for Amanda and her family, to make sure Weems is not granted parole.

In the "It's just the thought of it" department, we note that Weems is sitting on what is commonly called the Lord's Table, the article of furniture were communion is placed before being served to the congregation. We have to wonder if this image will come to the minds of congregants as they take the Lord's Supper...


We've just read the latest TimesDaily update on the firing of Sheffield Police Chief Greg Ray. It was a sobering article...up to a point. Then it became hilarious. We're sure our readers with good memories and a strong sense of irony will similarly be amused.



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