Monday, November 26, 2012

TimesDaily & Guns at Work

State Sen. Roger Bedford recently sponsored a "guns at work" bill which the TimesDaily duly covered, or did it? You may read the TD's coverage here: Link

The article omitted one important detail--the bill simply allows an employee to keep a weapon in his/her vehicle while on company property. Or perhaps it wasn't so much an omission as it was an intentional implication of employees possibly running amok at Kohl's, Jack's, or Wise Aluminum.

From Capt. James T. on the TVT Forum:

Why omit that important info? ... Because the TD is biased against the bill and want to work people up into fearing that people will have their guns within reach at the office (locked in a desk drawer.)  Is it not the papers responsibility to report the truth, and not their twist on the truth?

That's very provocative speculation there, Capt. Surely our local paper wouldn't twist the truth, would it?


Something to think about: If you live in Florence, the average per capita income in your hometown is around 32K. If you live in Athens, it's around 40K. Are actual per capita incomes that disparate? The answer is no, but such data released by U.S. agencies is a reminder that not everything can be measured in dollars and cents.


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  1. An that income is used to set the Medicare reimbursement rates paid to hospitals and doctors. Huntsville gets a lot more than those in the Shoals.