Monday, November 19, 2012

Unrest in Rogersville: Just How Big Is That Camper?

Just How Big Is That Camper?

A Guest Commentary By

Bubba Leroy Smuckpucker II

If you ain't never been to Rogersville, you've missed out on a lot. I hate to admit it, but it's a sight purdier than Dog Ear and that takes some doin'. I visit the bait shop up there about once a month and they always got sumpin goin' on to bring in the visitors. Trouble is, now they've done gone and stirred up some real trouble with their secret meets in campers and what have you. I think they musta heerd about Cherokee meetin' in the storm shelter or sumpin.

It seems Rogersville has some new council members and they've started out by makin' plenty people mad. First they go and take money away from the tourism folks, about six thousand dollars I heerd. Then they go and fire Miz Lisa Crumbley the town clerk. One of the council members, ol' Jim Landers, even yelled at poor Lisa for no reason. Kinda makes my blood boil for a man to treat a woman that way.

Ol' Jim's the one behind takin' the money away from the Rogersville Area Chamber of Commerce. It seems Miz Gail Littrell is on the council and voted to give the funds to RACC, but ol' Jim accused her of being a votin' member of the RACC board. Well, there warn't no truth to that. Everbody knows Miz Gail is just what they call a liaison and don't vote, but you couldn't tell ol' Jim that when he got on his high horse, no'sir.

Ol' Jim says he wants to save Rogersville money, but heck he's the one wantin' some fancy new police uniforms. Lemme tell ya, I think Jim Landers needs watchin'. Big time.

Well, I've said my piece, at least for the time bein'. Now I want to remind you all to visit me for all your septic tank and automotive needs. I've got me a new building cuz the mechanic work is just boomin'. Here's a snap shot Miz Mary Carton took of my new place, real cool in the summer, but a little nippy since fall's here. Hope to see you all soon.


We'll note that the recent meetings in Jim Landers' camper never included a quorum, so were technically legal. How many can Landers fit in his clown car, er, camper? Perhaps we should look at it as an algebra problem and try to determine how many meetings it took for all five council members to discuss Landers' earth-shattering agenda but never arrive at a quorum. It gives new meaning to the trailer rocking...


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