Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dastardly Duo: Huntsville & Keller?

David, a reader and friend, has sent us this profound assessment of the symbiotic relationship between Huntsville and Keller Hospitals:

It should be crystal clear to everyone, Huntsville Hospital would love nothing better than to close down open heart procedures at ECM so patients could be transferred to their facility for the procedure and they are using Helen Keller Hospital's challenge to the CON to do so. A coronary artery bypass surgery is a cash cow for a hospital averaging over $60,000 for a ten day stay (that's $6000/day compared to an average cost of $2025/day for all hospital stays), and since the daily cost decreases in the days after surgery with the average daily cost at end of stay being around $1800/day, earlier discharge results in a higher daily average.

Make no mistake, Helen Keller officials don't want to downsize any new facility Regional Care wants to build, they want to stop it cold in it's tracks by any means possible. The statements of how a new facility attracting more patients proves that. With the growing trend for primary care practitioners to admit their patients to a hospitalist (physicians hired by the hospital to see inpatients) it is becoming easier to give patients a choice where two or more hospitals in the area utilize hopitalist physicians. And who wouldn't want to be admitted to a brand new hospital for treatment?


Hot Wheelz? Definitely hot and definitely an asset to the community:

OK POTENTIAL HOT WHEELZ, TOMORROW NIGHT AT RANCHO VIEJO ACROSS FROM K-MART IN MUSCLE SHOALS, OUR 1ST PUBLIC MEETING WILL BE BETWEEN 7-7:30 COME TO THE BACK WE WILL HAVE A TABLE SET UP. A LOT TO TALK ABOUT, WE HAVE A BENEFIT COMING UP, AND WE HAVE DECIDED TO DO A "HOT WHEELZ" Hottie's On Two Wheelz, Calendar, to raise money for our community!!! We have so many exciting things coming up with the weather starting to get pretty, we are gonna brighten things up too. Neon Pink Shirts with HOTTIE'S riding on 2 wheelz in our area to raise money for those in need!!!! $25 to join, have it with you, and $20 for this months members fee, if you don't have it right now, that's fine, we will work with you. Can't wait to meet so many who are interested!!!! See you tomorrow night!!!!

We'll have more on this great organization later. In the mean time, you can like their Facebook page at:


Check out Pen-N-Sword's new Shoals Most Wanted; you'll find in depth bios of area ne'er-do-wells, as well as information on any rewards.


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