Thursday, February 7, 2013

Anyone Ever Make It to Court in Franklin County?

The trial of former Vina teacher Kimberly Bynum was postponed again. Counting pre-trial delays, we're not sure if this was postponement number six or seven, but her original arrest was in June 2011. For those who have asked, a speedy trial is the right of the defendant, not the state. Still, isn't it better to just go ahead and get it over with? The facts of the case won't magically disappear, or will they? Several readers have suggested Bynum may still marry her former student. Well...perhaps the Franklin County Jail could add a honeymoon suite?

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Shay Ledlow
We're also waiting for the murder trials of Hershel Graham and Jason Green. Green's trial has been postponed once and was scheduled for the first week in February. The families of David Andrasik and Shay Ledlow need closure, not more delays. Still, we hope for strong convictions in both these cases; any refusal of a delay could possibly be used in an appeal, and the families do not deserve the stress of yet a second trial.

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Shay Ledlow


Remember Kenneth Risner who was charged with making terrorist threats after shutting down Tuscumbia's Spring Park during a supposed suicide attempt? It seems charges have been dropped against Mr. Risner. Why? Good question. We welcome reader comments.

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  1. My Dad experience the court system in Franklin county. A contractor had used recycled tin on our milk barn and tarred over the holes. Dad took him to court and got a judgement in his favor. The contractor was given some time to fix the issue which did not occur. When Dad went back to court and told the judge, the old tin had not been replaced with the new he paid for, the case was dismissed.