Monday, February 11, 2013

A Lay For An "A"

The buxom young woman wore overalls with nothing underneath. As she handed in her test paper, she leaned over the desk of the young male professor--a man wearing a wedding ring. Seductively she whispered, "A lay for an 'A'." The professor saw much more than he was expecting that day, but didn't take the girl up on her offer. Whatever grade the young co-ed received is lost in the retelling of the story.

Humorous? To a point, yes. A too frequent occurrence? We would imagine so. Now let's drop it down a notch. What if the girl was in high school? Is it as funny? We will assume you're answering in the negative. What if it's not a one-time thing? What if the teacher is female and the student male?

That's exactly the case with Kimberly Bynum, or should we say Kimberly Bynum George? Yes, the former math teacher from Vina High School has indeed married her "victim." We understand the couple married on August 31, 2011, less than three months after Kimberly was arrested for having sex with her student. The couple reportedly lives in Huntsville.

Will this marriage affect the outcome of her trial? Supposedly, Mrs. George is seeking a jury trial. She's seeking to present herself as a woman in an unhappy marriage who met the love of her life, albeit a high school student 10 years her junior, and gave it all up for love.

How will this defense play in Franklin County? That remains to be seen, but apparently Kimberly Bynum George will not be denying she broke the law...just that she did it for luuuuv. After a half dozen delays, let's hope Judge Terry Dempsey will tell Bynum-George's attorneys that it's now time to put up or shut up.


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