Monday, February 18, 2013

Keller Attorneys Sink to New Low

The comedy show at the Marriott is now in its second week and promises a lengthy run. Perhaps comedy isn't the about dramady? No? Let's just say down right asinine and be done with it.

According to Keller's legal eagles, the cardiac program at ECM will be short lived since one of the surgeons is 67. No...wait...make that 62. Well, hey, that's still only eight years until retirement. After all, isn't Dr. Athanasuleas the only cardiac surgeon in the U.S.? And just what does the cardiac program have to do with the number of beds in the replacement hospital? Looks like more than deerslayers utilize the smoke and mirrors routine.


Our friend Steve Wiggins of the Quad-Cities Daily has interviewed Sheffield Mayor Ian Sanford concerning Greg Ray's civil service board victory:


Very unusual postcard from Tuscumbia:

It can be yours for only $35.00 - Link



  1. A lot of us at ECM have stopped reading these articles on the hearings in order to keep our BP down.

  2. After the treatment I got when a recent loved one passed away at ECM, I could care less what happens to them.