Saturday, February 9, 2013

Superfluous Bills? Superfluous Legislature!

To say that the State of Alabama has problems is to put it mildly. Eliminate the feel good and personal interest bills and our legislature might just get something done. "Might" is still a pretty big word there.

Personal interest bill? A number of years ago a state legislator introduced a bill making it illegal to honk horns or play radios or initiate any other noise on streets and land adjacent to known hunting property during hunting seasons. Why? One of his friends had been upset by passing motorists and neighbors ruining his dove hunting...

BTW, such a law if passed, wouldn't hold up in court. "Judge, I was attempting to make the 18-wheeler headed toward me in my lane aware of my presence." "Judge, I was playing music to calm my grandson who was teething." You get the idea.

Now we "need" a state amendment to uphold a federal amendment? "Well, constituents, at least I did something." Please, yes, please, do something, but be sure it's the right thing and not something utterly useless.


Why would Anon Ghost hack American Legion Post 11's website? We have no idea. Not too many subversive Legionairres around that we've noticed. Our opinion is it was easy to hack, so this group had a go at it. It's also possible the group is composed mainly of those from other countries who wouldn't know the American Legion from the Symbionese Liberation Army.

The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department is a different matter. For several weeks, Pen-N-Sword has been working on a detailed report of various ongoing legal wranglings in that office. Expect an interesting investigative article coming soon.

And there are those who ask why Ronnie (PassMeTheDonutsYouPrettyYoungThing) Willis would want to retire?



  1. Anon Ghost also hacked the Winston County probate office according to their tweet.

    1. I would think the Winston County Probate office might be a tad more subversive than American Legion Post 11, but I'm thinking they just went for what was the easiest.

      What does that say about our sheriff's office? Just who can get into what there?