Saturday, February 4, 2017

TD Writers & Legislators...Not Too Bright

How hard is it to read a street sign? We’re guessing for the TimesDaily’s Jennifer Edwards and Robert Palmer, it’s pretty difficult. Twice in the past month, Irvine Avenue, one of Florence’s oldest thoroughfares, has been called a street. We’ll give Palmer his due, he did correct his error in the third article about a proposed round-a-bout. If such a simple concept of street v. avenue eludes these writers, how are we to expect them to convey the intricacies of bond issues and similar financial dealings? 


In case you’re wondering, we don’t know of anyone who blogs here who supports the medical termination of pregnancy as a method of birth control. We do support implementing some common sense in our legislature.

According to the TimesDaily: "There will also be a bill protecting medical personnel from being forced to perform abortion procedures that violate their moral beliefs."

So, when’s the last time you read of anyone putting a gun to anyone’s head to make them participate in such a procedure? If a person accepts a job at what’s commonly called an abortion clinic, just what do these people think goes on there?

We were hoping that the upcoming legislative session would focus on a budget, new infrastructure, little things like that. Guess not…


From 20 to six, here’s the short list of candidates to replace Alabama senator Jeff Sessions:

Congressman Robert Aderholt, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, head of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs Jim Byard, State Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh (R- Anniston), Rep. Connie Rowe (R- Jasper), and former Montgomery-area state lawmaker Perry Hooper Jr.

A final selection could come as early as Monday. Smart money is, unfortunately, on Strange. Note that none of them is from extreme north Alabama. What? You’re not surprised?

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