Sunday, February 12, 2017

Advice to a Baker & a Girl Friend

Congratulations to Baker’s Layne Bakery, newly opened in Muscle Shoals. We will offer a little advice: health department rules require the hair of those preparing food be restrained at all times. We hope you had a great grand opening today!



We’ve received a comment from a young woman, 20 years-old, who states she is the girlfriend of J.J. Common, the 33 year-old Russellville man accused of attempted murder and drug trafficking in Russellville. This young woman has a child with Common and is pregnant with a second child. She made several vulgar remarks in her comment, making it unpublishable.

We will offer two of her points. First she says J.J. has never raped anyone. After some additional research, we do want to make a correction. Common’s mentally challenged alleged victim was 15 at the time of the incident. Charges were dropped according to the Lauderdale County district attorney’s office due to the girl’s mother not wanting her to testify.Or if you prefer the defense attorney’s version, the girl wasn’t sure if penetration had taken place.

As for your assertions that J.J. has never beaten up a girlfriend, let’s look back to December 2011 when he broke into the home of his erstwhile girlfriend’s uncle, attacking the uncle and aunt in the process of kidnapping the young woman whom he dragged out by her hair. He was charged with burglary, theft, assault, kidnapping, and domestic violence. Since he ran when police arrived, we’re surprised he wasn’t charged with attempting to elude as well.

No, J.J.’s crimes are much more than drug related. You suggest he won’t be convicted of any of his current charges. Young lady, they have him on video. Police, in certain instances may lie; video doesn’t.

We wish you and your children well. Please take some advice. Get your GED; go to college; strive to do better. You just might be surprised how far in life you may go without J.J. holding you back.


  1. The health department does not require you to wear a hairnet. She was posing for the newspaper article. As usual you never get the whole truth before you print something. So maybe its time to post who you really are. Good day.

    1. First, we haven't printed anything. Second, the heath department does require long hair to be restrained.