Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Midnight Rider/Shoals Tatler

Keller Hospital: Layoffs
By: The Midnight Rider
Helen Keller Hospital

If you read Shoalanda Speaks regularly, you know that we have written several articles which show Keller Hospital in a not so good light. Below is from WHNT 19 News that recently came out:
SHEFFIELD, Ala. – Two hospitals in the Shoals are cutting employees due to operational costs. Helen Keller Hospital and Red Bay Hospital say they have had to either reduce scheduled hours or eliminate positions at the two facilities, affecting a total of 22 staff members.
“Although we hear and read about the issues of healthcare in Washington and Montgomery, unfortunately, the greatest impact of these issues is always local,” the hospitals said in a statement. “The economic challenge of rising costs and uncertain reimbursement cannot be ignored, so we are taking steps necessary to ensure that patient care remains our priority. We are working with our staff to help them in this transition and we do not expect any further staffing action to be taken. None of these changes will diminish our ability to provide quality care.”
Ok, with that being said, you should know that this article was forthcoming. As I have stated before, with the new Hospital being built, now is not the time for Keller Hospital to be burning bridges. I don’t see how Keller can continue to have quality service when they are cutting personnel.
So what about these people that lost their job? They must now scramble to find employment without suffering from the layoff. A Source from Keller Hospital told us that the positions that were cut were full time positions. They will now be turned into Part Time Positions with cut or no benefits. That is really sad.
Be careful Keller. When that new Hospital is built, they may put you out of business.
I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.

Last night's Florence School Board meeting is over and little has changed. We will correct one point from our special blog: While UNA says 70 parking spaces will be lost due to new construction, the board says parking spaces will actually be gained.
Britton Watson? She gave local builder Eugene Sak the floor to make an offer on the property. So much for her wanting merely to be fair with the university. We'll have more on this later.
Marty Abrom's fear of the space between the stadium and school having the appearance of an alley? While we have no idea how it will look, if it does resemble an alley when built, why not capitalize on it? How about "Victory Alley?" It certainly sounds better than Back Alley Bar or Greasy Hands Barbershop.
We recently mentioned Tommy Wallis who's serving a life term as a habitual offender from Lauderdale County. A reader asked us about an article on Tommy's wife that recently appeared in the Shoals Tatler. Apologies that we were behind in our reading; sad that Tommy's children are a part of this situation.

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