Monday, February 13, 2017

Vulgar Memes/Be More?

Some years ago we were eating at a steakhouse when we overheard the following:

Server 1: That table left me $7.00!

Server 2: Flossie, that was your husband and your uncle.

Server 1: Yeah, so?

That’s usually what happens when we garner a number of new likes in a few hours' time—they all are friends with each other and they all are upset over something written here. Yesterday, we congratulated the owner of a new bakery and attempted to be polite while offering a small constructive criticism. We can be more direct.

No, unless you’re doing a glamour or porn shoot, you don’t need to worry how your hair looks. Besides docking your health score, stringy hair hovering over food doesn’t entice anyone to eat. Period.



Memes. Apparently the FB profanity filter doesn’t reject memes, so we still have to delete them manually. We will do so and will ban anyone attempting to circumvent the filter in this manner.

We also had some of our new readers naming a friend of ours from Tuscumbia. No, she had nothing to do with our short remark about the bakery and, while we didn’t delete or ban, we did hide these remarks from the general public. First and only warning.


Moving on to the sociopathic criminal element… Not everyone can have a gifted IQ. Nor can everyone have even an average IQ. Yet for anyone who has the ability to read to think that any or all of those who write here want to be a person who has spent 40% of his life in the legal system, a person now sitting in jail, a person who has more illegitimate children than DHR can enumerate, a person who is almost certainly headed south (perhaps for the rest of his life ala Tommy Wallis), is mind boggling.

Apparently we waste our breath when we urge others to strive to be more. They think the “more” is J.J. Common. And that is why we should thank our law enforcement officers daily.

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