Friday, February 3, 2017

How Would You Like a 100% Raise?

There aren't many who would turn down a 100% raise, are there? Gov. Robert Bentley's pet Stan Stabler is asking for basically that...and more. His current budget for ALEA is 44 million. For the 2018 budget (the budget year starts in October 2017), he's asking for 104 million. If Stabler lied for Gov. Bentley, will he lie for other reasons? 


A friend shared our blog on Rob Carnegie promoting Tuscumbia. One of his friends then asked if anyone at this blog was ever happy. Yes, personally, we've very happy. When it comes to how we feel about state and local government, we're much less so.

We expect some waste of our tax dollars. How many of you go shopping and never purchase an inferior product? Or even the wrong product? Governments are no different. It's only when government doesn't care, when it deliberately wastes money, that we call foul. 

And each and everyone of you should too!


Did someone say Rob Carnegie promoting something outside Florence and Lauderdale County? Florence Tourism has a new cover for its Twitter account:

It's sad that Rob's vision is so bad he can't distinguish Florence from Muscle Shoals.

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