Thursday, February 23, 2017

UNA: CPA Classes & Division 1 -- A Must Read!

This is from an anonymous UNA employee:

College of Business is offering CPA classes to people who need more classes in order to take the CPA exam. UNA is working with a company called Wiley to do this. Look it up on their website.

Here is the problem. The courses only cost $475 when a regular 3 hr course at UNA costs over $700 if you are an instate student and $1,500 if you are an out of state student. I hear many of these CPA students are from foreign countries so we are REALLY losing money. Look up other campuses (i.e. Northwestern) and you will see that CPA prep courses go for about $1,800.

Out of that $475, I hear that UNA only receives about $100 which does not cover the institution's costs. Dean Gregg Carnes gets a cut along with the COB and UNA's accounting professors. I hear that Wiley gets $150. Looks like the COB wants to 'get a taste' of everything.

Anyway, I hear that former VP for Business Clinton Carter had serious issues with Carnes and COB making money on the deal while UNA suffers. He wanted Kitts to request a review from the State Ethics Commission. Clinton got fired by Kitts. Luckily, he fell into the State Budget Director position. I have heard that others have lost their jobs for merely asking questions about the legitimacy of these courses.

I heard that some UNA Board members called Clinton down in Montgomery because they just thought he left UNA to work for the Governor and that he didn't get fired. They asked him for more money for UNA. I don't think Clinton would give them any money unless the CPA issue was addressed. It would not surprise me if the Board goes above Kitts head to request a finding from the Ethics Commission.

You can look at Carnes' Conflict of Interest Statement he (and everyone making more than $50K/year) has to complete each year to verify what I am saying. He is one of the highest paid administrators (I think $225,000), yet he wants to rob more money that is supposed to go for UNA.

Check it out for yourself. This is only the tip of a very dangerous iceberg.

Oh...and by the way...Linder and Kitts have more sinister plans for D1. The Ohio Valley Conference would not consider any D2 schools. That is why UNA was not invited by OV. However, now that UNA is now a D1 School at a much smaller, less prestigious conference, don't be surprised if they don't somehow spin the need to move to the Ohio Valley soon...then we will be spending lots of dollars on stadiums and coliseums when we should cut tuition and spend our revenue on UNA's students. You said it right...Kitts is a snake in the grass and, at this time of year, we should burn our grass to kill the varmints and disease that lurks within.


There you have it, folks. We welcome rebuttals or additional comments.

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