Monday, March 27, 2017

UNA Apartments?

Why are they called apartments if they are stuck together? - George Carlin

The 2016 fall enrollment at the University of North Alabama was roughly 7,500. Assuming 25% of that number belonged to the freshman class which must live with family or on campus, that leaves 5,625 students in need of housing...or does it?

The freshman class is always the largest, so for rounding purposes, let's remove the odd 25 students. Now let's remove 600 who live at home or who are married and rent/own houses. That still leaves a whopping 5,000 who rent apartments in the Shoals. We feel this number is still a little large, but nevertheless we'll go with it.

Now enter a Georgia company wanting to build an apartment complex that will house 420 students. How this number was arrived at, we don't know. Each of the six units will have three levels for 18 floors of apartments. Still, we'll go with the developer's figure of 420. That would be slightly over 8% of students needing off campus housing.

Think Hensley and Brink aren't going to have someone lobbying against this? Think again.


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