Saturday, March 25, 2017

Britton Watson's SEI/Definitely "Junior"

A Statement of Economic Interest, or SEI, must be filed yearly by each office holder in Alabama. Here is a link to Florence school board member Britton Watson's:

Since the SEI doesn't list her clients or how much they pay her, it would require the ethics commission to dig further into her finances to establish just how firmly she's aligned with the University of North Alabama. Yet just a quick glance reveals some glaring omissions. Why state that her husband's parents' business interests are "N/A?"


Watson's business Blue Olive must not be booming. It moved from a large independent structure on the outskirts of downtown to a much smaller building on Court Street to an even less expensive building on North Wood Avenue. Not exactly traveling up the corporate ladder...


We had to laugh when we looked up Greg Watson Jr.'s LinkedIn listing. Apparently he thought it looked more...hmmmm, we're not sure what he thought, but most think call himself the "second." For any who may be confused as to when to use "II" in naming a child, here's a great article:

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