Sunday, March 12, 2017

Calling for Britton Watson to Resign

A few years ago, an extremely caring and efficient Florence School Board member resigned. Why? It wasn't because he had committed some sexual indiscretion or ethics violation. No, it was because he felt something he had been quoted as saying had adversely affected his ability to serve the citizens of Florence. We disagreed with him, but it was his choice.

Now we're asking for Britton Watson to resign. She has a tremendous conflict of interest about which she's not been forthcoming. Yes, her ad agency works for UNA, or at least was working for the university when it issued this press release in December of last year:

How many on the board knew of this conflict? How many in the professional news business? How many in the general public?

No, Britton Watson cannot ethically work as a contract employee for the university and then sit all innocent on the school board and suggest that giving in to UNA is in Florence's best interests. Any caring parent in the city of Florence should demand her resignation effective immediately. Any concerned taxpayer should demand that she step down.

Britton Watson, we would love to hear from you. Have you anything to say concerning your behavior?

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