Saturday, April 1, 2017

Get It In Writing!

Since it's April 1st, let's have a work of fiction. We recently mentioned the man who wanted to leave his son his Rayo Mart empire, so let's use that for a basis.

Once upon a time after World War II, a man took his father's business and began to build it up, up into a small empire. Sadly the man had no sons to leave his business to, but he did have two daughters who married. One son-in-law worked for him, one did not. There was nothing wrong with that; not all young men want to go into the widget business.

The years passed and the man aged and eventually died. As often happens, there was nothing set in stone as to whom would run the business after the old man's death. Logically, one would have thought it would have been the son-in-law who had worked tirelessly for years, but it was not to be. Like the child in Solomon's tale, the business was halved. It apparently works for them, so we'll leave them at it.


We see a sequel in the works. A son of the man who never worked in the family business returns to the area to work in his family's now splintered endeavor. He later decides to run for office and tells of how he sacrificed his own career to take over his grandfather's business. Never mind that it was really only half the business and that it wouldn't have been necessary if the families had only used some common sense. After all, it's a Netflix show, so we need all the drama we can get.


If the ratings are good, we predict a second sequel about the old man's sociopathic nephews. Nothing brings in viewers like rape, robbery, and kidnapping.

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