Thursday, April 27, 2017

Drains on Humanity Part I: "Tony Smith"

A story that ended ten years ago:

Many years ago, we and a sorority sister finished our lunch at Trowbridge's and turned north to visit a new antique store on Court Walk. A man turned the corner heading south and spotted us. He immediately blocked our way and spoke, calling our friend by name. We could tell our friend was none too delighted to see the man, whom she didn't introduce. She began to edge around him.

From the other direction, a woman appeared, and the man whom we'll call "Tony Smith" introduced her as his wife. He then asked our friend her name, even though he had personally addressed her more than once in our short conversation. This presented us with an opportunity to escape, much to the relief of my friend. She explained that she knew the man slightly and that over the years since school he had become more and more bizarre, always steering the conversation to sexual subjects.

Over the next few years, we would hear Tony's name mentioned from time to time. His wife eventually left him and his children didn't speak to him. He couldn't hold a job because of complaints from women. His parents died, and siblings soon sought psychiatric treatment for him. Tony was diagnosed with a kind of schizophrenia and was on psych meds, but his condition only worsened as he aged. Finally a brother had him placed in a nursing home where he eventually died amid rumors a highly offended nurse may have hastened his demise with some extra tranquilization.

Some citizens are super productive; others are drains on society. Tony Smith was a drain on society whom you helped pay for. While there were rumors over the years that Tony had assaulted various women, as far as we know, he was never charged with these assaults and no woman ever came forward to declare she was anything more than highly morally offended. 

The same can't be said for a similar drain on society...Thomas Grant Campbell. 


Speaking of drains on society, we saw earlier today that Brady Ann Irons has a new arrest after months of assumed sobriety. Will she now join her former partner in crime Wes Akin in the Alabama prison system? We're not holding our breath.


  1. Drains on Humanity Part I: "Tony Smith"
    I hate that you used the name Tony Smith, because that was my brothers name. Even though this is not about him. The title is offensive enough. My brother committed suicide 10 yrs ago in December. Who knows the reason why? It was hurtful to see the title even though it was not him. My mom is on Facebook and I'm sure this will break her heart just to see his name beside the words you wrote. A better name would have been John Doe. Just saying.

    1. First, we're very sorry for your loss. Second, we use "John Doe" when we publish a hypothetical case; when we relate an actual event, we change the name and place it in quotes.

  2. Grant campbell wow is all i can say. The family and officials did a horrible cover up job. I hope grants lifelong friend chris martin is given justice by these corrupt officials. If it was the other way i bet the campbells wouldnt want thier son serving time for an unfortunate death of his best friend.something should have been worked out for the best interest of both parties involved.