Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Rejected Plans from Hugo Dante - Who's at Fault?

Hugo Dante is the head architect at Cr3ate, a local firm with offices in Tuscumbia...or Florence, depending on the the web source. His futuristic architecture graces cities on both side of the river, while his more traditional designs may be found in everything from pharmacies to mortgage companies to even the UNA campus.

Bid laws don't apply to architectural services in Alabama, and Dante was selected by former Florence mayor Mickey Haddock to design the new animal shelter. When new mayor Steve Holt saw the final plans, he was shocked to find both a gift shop and a sandwich shop tucked among the large lobby and many grooming stations. Holt immediately sent the plans back to Dante for a revision.

Now a similar revision is being required of Dante to plans for the new Anderson Nursing Building at UNA. The university board of trustees president stated in a TD article that he needed Dante, whom he didn't name, to be on the board's side...whatever that might mean. Are they at odds with Dante, whom Marty Abroms called more of an artist than an architect? 

We infer there was at best a lack of communication in the UNA planning; as for the Florence animal shelter planning, we may never know what the former mayor instructed Dante to design. There's been no word on how much these little Snafu's are costing the taxpayers.


While on the subject of the new Florence animal shelter, we can understand the purpose of a gift shop, at least a small one. Go to pick out a puppy, stop to purchase a stuffed one as well to commemorate the day. Yet, what was Dante's purpose of a sandwich shop? Surely the process of looking at available animals shouldn't take so long that one is then too hungry to drive a mile or so to a nearby eatery?

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