Thursday, April 13, 2017

City Employees Costing Us Money

We're sure there's not a city or town in the U.S. that doesn't have at least one employee who abuses his or her position. Here's another great article from Leslie M. Shoals on what's happening in one local town:

Rusty Wheeles knowingly has broken the law according to Mayor Bradford's statements in Times Daily.

What David Bradford didn't explain that would be nice to know is WHAT EXACTLY CONSTITUTES 21 DAYS OF A SUSPENSION?

Is this 21 WORKING DAYS - which is reasonable and logical. And, does he turn in the vehicle that he uses for work and PERSONAL use as well?

Does Wheeles pay for his golf games with his family and friends at Cypress Lakes, or is this yet another liberty a city employee thinks he deserves at the expense of the taxpayers?

Citizens of Muscle Shoals deserve to know the full details and Wheeles use of a city vehicle, period.

In all fairness, I have to point out that Rusty Wheeles is not the only city employee that is costing the taxpayers a lot of money using city vehicles as their own personal transportation.

Another Park & Rec employee has been seen on several occasions taking her child to a medical office in Sheffield, not only during the work day - but IN A PARK & RECREATION DEPARTMENT FORD TRUCK. In fact, there is such a culture of no rules and no accountability, that the employees have no shame as they drive vehicles with the city emblem on them as they travel through Muscle Shoals into Sheffield and with children in the vehicles as well.

IF there were an accident in a neighboring city with the employee on PERSONAL errands, how would the city insurance carrier respond to that? Far be it for there to be an accident resulting in a death. MSC taxpayers would be paying on that for a long time.

This must be the norm in this run-a-way government, Muscle Shoals Pandora Soaps.

A picture is worth a thousand words as the City Truck sits at the medical office for how long????

MAYOR - CITY COUNCIL  - exactly who are you serving? Do any of you have any experience in anything other than flying to all those out of state meetings you carry your families to? And, of course, that's at our cost too.

It's obvious none of you know how to govern.


From where I sit - I don't see that happening any time soon... All I see are Men without the important parts that define a male.

Leslie M. Shoals


We have found only a short death notice for Theresa Milam. For those who have asked, here it is:

Theresa Ann Cunningham Milam, 57, died Sunday, April 9, 2017. Visitation will be noon-1 p.m. Saturday at Spry-Williams Funeral Home, Florence. The memorial service will be 1 p.m. Saturday at the funeral home chapel. She was the wife of the late Gary William Milam.

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  1. This is one reason I do not donate to the Colbert animal shelter. See what their fuel costs are. I see these people out at walmart @ 6 and 7pm and that our tax money and animals are starving, come on. Wakeup America.