Monday, April 17, 2017

Muscle Shoals: Truth or Lies?

We received this from a reader: 

In reference to the blog from Leslie Shoals that you've been endorsing all week. There are a lot of lies being told in her blog. You are publishing her blog so that makes you accountable as well. Rusty Wheeles does not get "free golf" at Cypress Lakes. He pays for a membership there just like many others including myself. There are many city employees that do play golf there that do not pay but Rusty isn't one of them. You might want to do some research before you start slandering people in a public forum. I'm sure it's easy to throw anything out there when you don't publish your identity. But publishing lies is going too far.

First, we publish Leslie's guest blogs since we know who the blogger actually is and know the knowledge that the blogger possesses of the City of Muscle Shoals; however, if anything is ever published in error, we certainly want to correct it.

Second, vehicle use aside, we're not sure why a city employee using a golf course or tennis court in the off hours would be out of line. If the employee wanted to use during peak hours, then, yes, he or she should pay. We welcome comments on that.


Now a rebuttal blog by Leslie:

Batter Up!

Story is Robert Eaton contacted Rusty wanting to build a batting cage in his subdivision. He told Rusty he would pay for it and pay the city workers to build it. Rusty said ok, but then afterwards they found out it was private property belonging to the city. The reason no one knew this beforehand is because the Parks & Rec Board doesn't have an attorney. Every other Board in Muscle Shoals has an attorney except that one. Nonetheless, Rusty has turned in his vehicle and no one plays golf for free.

Whew, glad someone was nice enough to clear that up! Now we know Mr. Eaton doesn't call a fellow business owner to have services performed, instead, calls our tax paid employees to intervene. Sad that he chose to have our government employees work for him rather than buy from a business that is paying a business license, employing local people and collecting and paying sales tax, not to mention the community and social contributions small business makes to our area. We gave him the benefit of the doubt for being involved in something like that.

We hope Mr. Williams added sales tax on the cost of materials of the batting cage?  Why did it take someone reporting this to get the payment? Didn't Mr. Bradford say this happened back in March?

SO, if someone wants the city to do work on their private property, department heads don't know the regulations and laws pertaining to that? Sounds like MSC needs to hire people that can understand law and most importantly follow rules. Or, will there be yet another excuse for veteran employees, Mayor and City Councilmen violating the laws, or do they just not have a set of rules and regulations that adhere to the laws of the state of Alabama?

How many other projects have been done that have yet to be uncovered?

As far as the vehicle use - that has NOT been addressed. There are too many MSC vehicles seen in other cities (not just local cities) with employees and their family members traveling in them.

WHY do employees run personal errands in OUR city vehicles at OUR expense on OUR payroll?

Blame it all on the Park & Rec Board not having an attorney - but sometimes it's just plain common sense and integrity that should be a minimum requirement to serve on any Board, not just that you live in the city and can fog a mirror.

Will we hear any discussion at a "public" council meeting on the use of vehicles? Little Joe always tried to have that addressed, but no one would discuss it. 

NO ONE plays golf for free?  Hmmmmm.  Again, glad someone cleared that up too.

Mayor - Council - Who do you serve?????

Batter Up! 

Leslie M. Shoals


Leslie brings up some very interesting points about Robert Eaton's involvement in this. Surely he knows enough tax law to have avoided this?

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