Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tricky Dicky & Sharky Marky Want YOUR Money! - Part II

Yesterday, we presented some extremely interesting information on elected official Dick Jordan's plans for some of your tax dollars...tax dollars you didn't even know you were on the hook for. Now let's look at Mark Linder's plans...both of them...for university money, some of which involves your tax dollars.

According to TD reports:"Melson said the University of North Alabama has agreed to use the arena for basketball games and graduations. The university is moving to NCAA Division I and needs larger sports facilities, he said."

The article doesn't specify what kind of agreement has been reached. Obviously, the ag center is not yet a done deal and may never be. If it does come to fruition, the university would logically pay a fee to use the facility.

Let's assume the ag center does become reality by May 2020 as Sen. Melson wants, what about Flowers Hall? We're sure the 1970s era gym will be well-used for practice, high school tournaments, etc. Like everyone who cares about UNA, we hope it's well taken care of.

Earlier this month, UNA athletic director Mark Linder announced a massive renovation for Flowers Hall to begin after approval from a state governing body; he didn't give a timeline as to when approval or renovations could be expected. Among Linder's plans for the gym is a new floor. These are needed periodically in all gyms, and apparently UNA is past due for one. The other two renovations proposed by Linder are not quite in the same category. One is, in fact, extremely questionable. 

Linder has announced new seating. The current bleachers are original to the gym and obviously need improving. The question is: Do they need a total replacement? We frequently read of bleachers in various local gyms being refinished...or has that sophisticated electronic space age bleacher technology passed the old seating by?

Yet the installation of new bleachers isn't the most questionable item on Sharky Marky's agenda. He wants a VIP reception area for all those bigwigs who are sure to visit UNA basketball and volleyball games. In case you think Mick Jagger might soon show up on campus to catch a local game, Linder is referring to monetary donors. We're aware that UNA does have the stray donor here and there, but they're never mentioned when the university requests more state funding. Perhaps it's just us, but would a donor who really cares about the school want UNA money used for a VIP area in Flowers Hall? And what of the VIP area if scheduled games are moved to the ag center? 

Can you all say "poor planning?"


Tuscumbia (or is that Florence?) architect Hugo Dante has had to or will have to redo two plans for taxpayer funded projects this past year. We'll look at these tomorrow. 

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