Friday, April 28, 2017

Why Short Term Limits Aren't Such a Great Idea/Perjury

We've touched on this before, but Sen. Tim Melson's recent comments should have brought this home to all our readership. From the TimesDaily: Melson said he wasn’t part of a previous delegation that pledged to end the tax. “Things change,” he said. “Every day we vote on bills that change previous people’s promises. We change taxes, we change all sorts of rules. That’s what you do. You adapt to the situation to do what is required instead of just saying, previous delegations promised something.”

First, we personally agree with Sen. Melson on the issue of the ag center. We're not saying that you have to agree. The proposed ag center, while not a minor issue, is not a major one. We hope the legislature will vote to establish an agriculture authority in Lauderdale County, but if it doesn't, it won't mean our area is lost to other development.

No. This blog is about back and forth change where laws, programs, and procedures are made to look like bears in a shooting gallery. ABC might be no better than XYZ, but our leaders have to choose one and stick with it. How much time is lost each legislative session when new representatives decide to repeal laws that were passed only two or four years ago? Even locally, look how new Florence School Board member Britton Watson upset that body's dynamic by arbitrarily wanting to throw five year's planning out the window.

Yet this kind of behavior won't stop until voters demand better of their elected officials. How about it? How hard is it for you to e-mail your state or other representatives; how hard to tell them you demand accountability?


How often do you see someone charged with perjury in a criminal case? If you look long enough, you will see this crime listed in rare arrest reports. Is it a crime worth prosecuting?

We think it is. So when four or five witnesses tell basically the same story in a murder case, and the district attorney calls them all liars, why doesn't he file charges against them? Hmmm... 


  1. Prosecutorial misconduct is all i have to say. Im disgusted with colbert counties elected officials. You took oath to uphold the law for all citizens. You cant pick and choose who YOUR TEAM is for.chris martin was USED in your court, Bryce Graham, as a pawn to put away a CAMPBELL killer. Well now we ALL know Grant was going through a MULTITUDE OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR ALL IN THE SAME YEAR AS HIS DEATH. Hmmmm ya think he was OUT OF CONTROL MUCH

  2. Bryce Graham Jr. is the KING of prosecutorial misconduct. He routinely uses and abuses his position as well as manipulates grand juries to get trumped up indictments when there is no basis for that charge. He sends his brother (who is also an attorney) as his mouth piece in attempts to pressure/threaten private citizens to drop charges against those he wishes to protect (members of his staff and their friends/family members) as well as family members of his many mistress' (one also an employee of the DA office) if it's outside his jurisdiction (in city court or different county). If you don't do as Mr. Graham requests, he will now hold a personal vendetta if you ever find yourself having to go before a judge in his jurisdiction. He's a real piece of work but no one else wants the job as its pay is not good and they have thriving private practices, which Bryce could never seem to attain.

  3. Obviously a new trial is warranted for chris martin. If you follow social media youve seen all the criminal behavior and judgements and misconduct thats come out recently on this case. I think it was so WRONG to mislead the jury as to grants mental state. He was completely capable as proven of being a monster that night and with his history im so glad chris martin got that little girl away from him before even more could have happened than what did. God bless your soul grant but you acted in such an irate way it endangered your own life an the lives of several others. Justice for chris martin

  4. I agree with you Justice for All. Chris Martin, as well as ALL citizens of Colbert County, deserve and are entitled to a non biased law enforcement (and judgement system) that doesn't play favorites to Bryce Graham Jr's political volley. We don't deserve to have the facts manipulated or the lines blurred (straight out known facts by the community) in front of a jury just so Bryce Graham can get the outcome he seeks.

    On the other side of the river, we have Chris Connolly, an outstanding DA in Lauderdale County. I would like to see this for Colbert County. Someone, ANYONE for that matter, run for Colbert County DA and let's get this good ole' boy off his fathers coat tails and back in the slums of his miserable private practice where he belongs. He's the DA because he runs unopposed. No one wants it.

  5. I would like to thank lauderdale county you are my home and citizens from my home are really being amazing right now♡. Most of you have know chris martin at some point , disolve, your so right and my points exactly . Even the people whom i have multitude of respect for as friends i wont mention names but several people/official/career-oriented in these two counties who supported chris martin have backed off , where thier jobs threatened? Were they worried about reprocussions. Bryce graham did make arrangements with tim case as to how this trial would go maybe tim was too blind to see sneaky grahams way. I feel the court didnt allow mr case the ability to do his job and i believe bryce is sneaky and retracted on agreement with case as to what to with hold and what not to during the trial. One more thing JUDGE HATCHER HOW WOULD YOU KNOW IF SOMEONE IS REMORSEFUL IN YOUR COURT OR maybe chris martins trial is the ONLY one she played candy crush during.