Saturday, April 15, 2017

Agriculture Center: Yea or Nay?

We asked our friend Nigel to attend the recent meeting on funding for the proposed agriculture center. Nigel raises emus, capybaras, and miniature wasabi, so he has an interest in all things farming. Here's his informative report:

There were approximately 40-45 people at the meeting. All in attendance except for about 4 people were totally in favor of the project. All 4 or so people opposing the project were from the City of Florence. They came in with an attitude which was obvious all during the meeting as they sat there making faces as our the Legislative delegation spoke, shaking their heads and talking very loudly with each other while other people were speaking. They were rude and disrespectful. The TD has made it sound like Johnny Mack Morrow was in the wrong but it was totally all Dan Barger acting like a jerk!!! 

Now let's set the stage of the room. Present at this meeting were all the leaders from Lauderdale County, including Lauderdale County Board of Education, Lauderdale County Commission, Lauderdale County Legislative Delegation (minus Larry Stutts but who cares), former and present Mayors, former Judges, MANY very prestigious business owners, tourism board members, hit recording music stars, Lauderdale County Sheriff, Representatives from the Shoals Chamber of Commerce, and of course our one-sided reporter Palmer from the Totally Decatur Newspaper. 

And there sat big Dan Barger from the City of Florence accounting or treasury or whatever title he holds, with his long hair hippie pony tail and 3 ft long beard, rared back in his chair with a smirk on his face. It was obvious he came to argue, because he is yet another puppet manipulated by the puppet master himself, Dick Jordan. Regardless of the answers he was given by the delegation who explained the project up to this point, Big Dan had a rebuttal. 

So when Johnny Mack called him on the carpet, Big Dan got up and stormed out cussing and acting like a 3 year old child who did not get the toy he wanted at Walmart. It was terribly humiliating for everyone at the meeting and should have been extremely embarrassing for those from the City of Florence sitting in that room. It didn’t seem to faze them at all. To act that way in front of all those dignitaries or in front of anyone for that matter, would normally call for immediate dismissal. I am sure Big Dan knows WAY too much for them to ever oust him, but if he acted that way in an environment like this meeting, he acts like that all the time which is why it wasn’t a surprise to Dick and his cronies.

Yes, we had noticed Robert Palmer was a little one-sided when he called Tim Melson "cavalier" in a recent article on the proposed project. Our personal feelings? Our jury is still out, but we welcome opinions in addition to Nigel's.

Dan Barger? We'll certainly admit Nigel's account included what could be called an ad hominem attack, but did Barger deserve it? After all, he represents the City of Florence; surely he dresses the part? So we searched for a photo...

Picture...1,000 words...nuff said. (Think that device comes with Blue Tooth?)

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