Monday, April 10, 2017

Does Partial Power Corrupt Partially? See Muscle Shoals

We're told that absolute power corrupts absolutely; how about partial power? It's few individuals who aren't corrupted at least a little by their jobs. It's not just Gov. Bentley or a long list of other higher ups. It can be and often is the smaller players.

Here's a great read from Leslie M. Shoals:

According to people on the "inside", Sports as a top priority aren't limited to the faMily at MSCS. Insiders at MSC report:

MSC Parks & Rec director orderd (as MSC Parks & Rec Department) a batting cage for the use of families in his subdivision on 6th street. Parks & Rec employees installed the batting cage under his direction and orders. 

Rumors say 3 City Councilmen that serve on that Board are aware of the purchase, as well as the mayor. It is on private land at the permission of the developer, who we believe thinks the residents in the subdivision are paying for it. Obviously, the residents think they are "reimbursing" the Parks & Rec director for the batting cage - too bad they don't know they have already paid for it, as well as all the citizens of MS. if these reports are true.

IF these people are correct in their stories, what is going to be done about the abuse of taxpayers money? Are these councilmen covering up illegal activities? Will the Parks & Rec Director finally be relieved of his duties?

Now that little Joe is gone, there won't be anyone speaking out about the use and abuse of positions.

Councilmen - Are you going to limit your terms since you are limiting the citizens? 

Time you all take a walk - a long one. 

Any truth to the "insiders" stories? You have some "splaining to do."

We can only hope there are a lot of insiders that have gotten this story wrong!!!!!!!!!

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Leslie M. Shoals


We had some sad news today about the mother of Dylan Milam. Theresa Milam passed away yesterday. We'll be posting arrangements later. Our sincerest sympathies to her family.

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