Monday, April 24, 2017

Tricky Dicky & Sharky Marky Want YOUR Money! - Part I

The following blog isn't about the proposed agriculture center, at least as to whether you or we or anyone else want it. It's about the mindset of local politicians and others who spend your tax dollars.

In case you need to be brought up to speed on this situation, here's a brief rundown of the facts:

1. Several years ago, a two-cent a gallon gasoline tax was passed for Lauderdale and Colbert Counties in order to pay for the RSA's Marriott Hotel complex and Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. At that time, it was publicly stated the tax would be removed when the bonds were paid off.

2. The bonds are almost paid off, and the Lauderdale legislative delegation, with the exception of Larry Stutts, wants to continue the gasoline tax in that county in order to pay for a proposed agriculture center. Sen. Larry Stutts feels this is taking advantage of the Lauderdale County taxpayers (gasoline buyers).

3. The Florence City Council is also opposed to this proposal, partly since TVA funding will be diverted to it; however, one council member is opposed for other reasons.

4. According to a recent TD article: "(Dick) Jordan said when the economic development bonds are repaid, the city wanted to use the money to help build a bridge over Cypress Creek on West College Street, and to pave city streets."

Did everyone get what Tricky Dicky said? He's not concerned about taxpayers remaining on the hook for this two-cent tax; he's concerned the city can't latch onto it once it's no longer needed to pay off the RSA bonds.

So where does Sharky Marky fit in? Tune in tomorrow for Part II where we'll discuss UNA athletic director Mark Linder and local architect Hugo Dante.

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