Sunday, April 30, 2017

Welcome to Florence - Vandalism Capital of the South

Today Rob Carnegie, or his chosen minion, Tweeted: One of the things that is fascinating about Downtown Florence are its alleyways that are filled with Street art!

Really? Don't forget our arsons, kidnappings, and murders. Lest any of our readers are unsure, "street art" is also called graffiti and vandalism. In Florence, it comes under the heading of Criminal Mischief. Yes, if you're caught defacing property, you go to jail. Not so hard to understand, is it? Unless you're from Canada, eh?

Anyone think what the "street artist" did in the above Instagram pic wasn't so bad? Think again:

You'll notice three stickers in the area of the humanoid's right arm. Two of these are Florence Police Department stickers. Yes, they have a purpose. You see those numbers? That enables a caller to quickly identify a building from a postern door that might not be numbered. Simply tell the dispatcher you found the body/injured person at 1234, and officers can be on the scene in minutes if not seconds. 

Is there an extra legal penalty for defacing these police decals? We have no idea, but there should be. So why is Rob Carnegie glorifying these criminals? Why does Florence-Lauderdale Tourism let Carnegie get away with his dubious Tweets? Oh, right...there's no one in Alabama qualified to lead the organization.


We had a reader ask why J.J. Common received a longer sentence than "Obama gave terrorists?" While that may be a vague question, we can answer why J.J. probably won't see the free world until 2035. It's Common's third state incarceration, making it a Class A felony. He also blew his probation. But don't worry...depending on the outcome of attempted murder charges, he might not be even halfway through his sentence by 2035.


  1. Aren't you taking your hatred for Rob Carnegie a little far, Shoalanda???? I mean you and a group of loyalist to Debbie Wilson have beat this horse to death. Admittedly, the tourism board was abominable in their treatment of Miss Wilson, but why make a slur against Florence? The "vandalism capital of the south"??? Really??? I don't think even Miss Wilson would approve of this post.

  2. You know it's satire. You should also know we don't hate Carnegie; he just keeps putting his foot in it, and that makes him very pickable. Besides, it's good to get the word out about how this kind of vandalism can cause a delay in police services. Agree?