Sunday, April 2, 2017

UNA's Master Plan--Missing in Action?/Got Milk Money?

Did you know the University of North Alabama has a master plan? No, it's not a plan to take over northwest Alabama by physical domination; it's a plan for campus expansion and enhanced usage of current property. What's even more miraculous is that it doesn't involve ANY property that isn't contiguous to the current campus and it includes much needed new parking.

So where is this wonderful master plan? Why aren't university officials attempting to implement at least part, or more parts, of this plan? Ah, we might as well ask the meaning of life apparently.

This plan is now seven years old. Some of it has been implemented; much has not. The question is: Why are UNA officials more interested in providing parking for tailgaters at rare football games than parking for students to go to classes? President Kitts states he wants to work with the community, but is he working with residential neighbors on either side of Pine Street? Off Wood Avenue? He's not working with the ones we hear from...


Which new university president is more intelligent?

President A: I'm here and I'll be heard. Your town is doing it all wrong, and I'm going to tell you how to do it the right way.

President B: I'm here, and while there are things that I wish could be changed, I realize many cannot. Therefore, I'm going to come up with plans to work with what we have.


While we're scratching our heads over UNA's often convoluted reasoning, let's look at Walmart and a comment from a reader:

For the past several months, the Walmart SuperCenter in Selmer, TN has been advertising 1/gal milk @ 'The Low Price' of $4.29/gal. This is STILL THE CURRENT PRICE as of 03/25/2017. When a store employee was asked about the HIGH price, I was told that the price was ' line with local competition.' This is totally FALSE. The only other grocery store in Selmer,TN (Food Giant) currently prices their milk at $2.19/gal. To further add to the confusion, the Walmart SuperCenter in Muscle Shoals, AL (75 miles away) currently prices their milk @ $1.39/gal. What's going on?

We're guessing managers are to blame. While traveling, we've noticed that not only Walmart, but Target and Dollar General offer different prices at different stores, as well as non-advertised sales. So, as the old song says, you better shop around.

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