Sunday, April 9, 2017

Saving Those Who Walk on the Wrong Side of the Law

The past few days we've been extremely surprised at those who don't blame Erica Fox for killing her husband, or at least those who say a murder trial will only hurt the victim's family more. We've been called some dirty names for "taking sides." We doubt that these people are in the majority, but they do seem to run the social gambit from a high school ball fan to a Baptist minister. Our question: Is this a new phenomenon or do people now simply feel more free to express these opinions?

While we hope Erica Fox can be saved (both her person and her soul), we don't feel she should avoid punishment simply because it will hurt her family. That brings us to Christopher Wayne Kilpatrick. He's not killed anyone yet, and we don't want him to. We doubt he's reading this, but we hope wherever he is that he is now thinking over his actions. He has two choices: Come back now and start's not too late...or flee to Mexico/be captured.

A few months ago, a man arrested in Colbert County on a long list of charges was taken to an emergency room where he attempted to escape. He attacked officers and hospital personnel while barricading himself in an X-ray room with dangerous materials. It would have been easy to have shot him, but officers didn't. They kept their heads and recaptured him. Props to all of them!

Now we're asking officers involved in the search for Kilpatrick to do the same. It would be easy to shoot him on sight and claim some form of justification. Please reconsider this. 

We believe in you...and we believe in his ability to turn the second half of his life around after he settles his legal debts.


Someone sent us some rather odd FB posts from a Baptist minister. We're going to ask him, if he's reading this, doesn't he believe in rendering unto Ceasar? If you kill someone, God will forgive, but he also expects you to pay the consequences in this world.

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