Monday, April 3, 2017

UNA: A Bad Neighbor

Calling all Florence High band parents: Shoot us an e-mail about the lost revenue from football game concessions. How is this affecting the band? How much exactly is the band losing? What are your plans now? We'll definitely do a follow up on how UNA's demands have affected a great local program.

Calling disgruntled homeowners around UNA: Yes, several of you have contacted us in the past. You're the reason we've driven past your homes during peak school hours. Now we want to know what, if anything, UNA has promised you in the way of correcting this situation. How has the value of your homes decreased?

Calling terminated UNA employees: Has Dr. Kitts let you go because you've disagreed with him? Let us hear from you. You will be anonymous as always.


The University of North Alabama says it's short on funds for the new nursing building. The City of Florence gave UNA three million dollars toward it's new science building. That was then; this is now. If our city fathers have even the fleeting thought of giving our avaricious local university a penny, be sure to tell them how you feel. You can be sure that we at Shoalanda Speaks will do so.


You can also make your voices heard with the UNA board. Let them know how you feel about the 40K bonus they gave Kittsy last year. That's more than many of our readers make in a year.

Rape has more than one meaning. Look the word up. It might just bring to mind some of the things Kitts has attempted to do to the children of Florence, to the adult citizens of Florence, to university employees, to...well, the list goes on.

To be continued...


What does it take to attack a police officer? We looked this perp up on FB, and she doesn't appear to be even five feet tall. Aren't the officer's buddies laughing at him?

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