Saturday, April 22, 2017

At Least We Know Britton Watson Can Abstain

Britton Watson

At the recent vote on Florence City Schools superintendent, two members abstained from voting on the issue. One was perennial odd member out Britton Watson. So she won't abstain from voting on a UNA issue even though the university pays her for public relations work, but she'll abstain from voting yea or nay for Dr. Jimmy Shaw because...we have no idea why.


We've learned that the town of Lexington has a relatively new water department clerk. The previous long-time clerk who generated so many complaints left two years ago after being questioned by council members concerning bookkeeping irregularities. We're happy to clarify that we've received no complaints about the current clerk.


Rep. Ed Henry is running for U.S. Senate? Perhaps now's a good time to remind voters that Henry is an admitted "murderer." No, we don't think he actually murdered anyone; we simply think he's more than just a little batty on several subjects.


Here's a chance for readers to chime in: How do you feel about part-time employees (who don't receive benefits) being paid more per hour than full-time employees? It's a fairly common practice, and we don't oppose it. Yet we have a feeling it's about to become a local issue.

Readers? We await...


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