Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Revisiting: Chris Martin Case/War of the Schools

You may have been seeing some interesting comments or Tweets recently about the Chris Martin manslaughter case. A friend of Chris' family has taken up the mantle of justice, and it should prove extremely interesting.

We hope that Martin can soon be released on time served, but we're not betting the blog on it. While we're revisiting the case, we'll touch on something we have not delved deeply into before.

We mentioned at the time that Grant Campbell was a dishonorably discharged veteran with a very bad reputation. Since it had been only a short time since his death, we didn't emphasize his bad character, but perhaps now is an apt time for a life lesson.

We applaud those who stand by their friends; however, some people change to such a degree over the years that one could easily place one's self or family in danger by remaining friends. We feel that's what happened in Chris' case.

You can pray for your friend. You can visit your friend in jail. You can put money on your friend's books while they're in jail. What you shouldn't do is socialize especially when alcohol is in the mix. It cost Chris Martin his freedom, whether rightly so or not.

Due diligence? We've recently seen some comments stating the Florence School Board didn't do due diligence in deciding to tear down the old Coffee building or in contracting for a new school.

Just what would you have had them do that wasn't done? You complain about the cost, but it was your friends at UNA who directly caused two construction companies to withdraw their bids.

Let's make this clear: If the school board had attempted to “legally” condemn UNA property so the city could have purchased it, we would have sided with UNA. It's not about who the sides are; it's about the wisdom and legality of their views and actions.

We've been asked by someone we consider a friend if we think it was fair for Florence High band parents to receive money from concessions sold at UNA games. No we do not.

Perhaps there are band parents out there who could tell us the rationale for this?


  1. The life lesson is for small town officials to uphold the laws no matter who your connected to and if your incapable be ethical at least and step aside

  2. I dont feel alcohol cost mr martin his freedom. Alcohol cost mr grant campbell his life due to overintoxication and irate behavior. GRANT CAMPBELL THREATENED PEOPLE'S LIVES. THE LAW STATES IF YOU FEEL THREATENED you have a right to act and NO DUTY TO RETREAT.

  3. Chris martin defended the lives of his other friends and family who were being threatened including his own. GRANT CAMPBELL said he would slice him open and the police flubbed up enough evidence and city official mad bad descions due to who the victims family was and under the law thats ILLEGAL. FREE chris martin on self defense or grant him a FAIR TRIAL

  4. The reality is this corruption with small town officials is rampant in Alabama. It is much less about whether you are guilty than it is who you know.