Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Inspiration Landing/Ron Sparks

John Elkington has just announced that Sheffield's Inspiration Landing amphitheatre is on schedule to be completed by May 2018. This is good news; however, he will have to understand that many in the area have been skeptical of his project due to past let-downs. In the last seven to eight years, Sheffield has been promised at least three major projects (not counting pie in the sky DreamVision) see none of them materialize. It's easy to group Elkington in the same league as conman Bryan Robinson.

Let's keep our collective fingers crossed that things continue to progress.


The Rural Development Office will soon be history in Alabama. It's director, Ron Sparks, one of the most idiotic politicians to disgrace our state since its inception, today took credit for initiating the "Baby Box" program and thus saving countless lives. Really, Ron? Wikipedia says the program was founded in Finland, and our disgraced former governor says it was his idea to implement it in Alabama.

No job, Ron? Perhaps you'll now have time to sign up for a class on how not to batter your wife?

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