Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Do You Know Where Your Inmate/Architect Is?

A short time ago, a reader asked us about a perennial bad boy currently incarcerated in the Lauderdale Detention Center. It seems the reader had noticed one of our favorite sociopaths making posts on Facebook. We consulted the detention center and learned that the young man in question has not left the center since his last arrest and definitely does not have any means to post on any social media. 

We provided our reader with the information and suggested that the man in question was not making the posts, but was being impersonated by his “baby mama.” 

Now we’ve been contacted by a second reader about still another bad boy. The difference is this sociopath is in the state system and will not be leaving it until 2033. (We doubt this man, now on his fourth state visit, will make parole, and he accrues no CIT since he’s doing 20 years.)

Could this inmate have a smart phone? It’s possible. We believe a member of the man’s family is making the posts, but we did notice mention of this man returning to the Shoals. Really? See the above paragraph. If he’s returning, it will not be legally; however, the man has two previous escapes from Lauderdale, so an attempt to flee Holman Prison would not be out of character.

If you become aware of a state inmate posting on any social media or making calls from a cell phone, you should notify the DOC immediately. We’re going a step further with some more advice: If you’re a FB friend of a prison inmate, and new posts appear on his account, it’s a good idea to unfriend the miscreant. If not, when he escapes, you may be on the list to receive a visit from a member of law enforcement.


Returning to the subject of the new Florence Animal Shelter, we’ve had a question about Create Architects, the company under contract to design the new shelter. We were rather curious ourselves, so here’s the skinny, or at least what we can find from public records.

* The company has been called Parker/Create, Create, or Cr3ate at various points in its history.

* Donald Parker, a Russellville architect, founded Parker/Create Architects in 2003, using a Russellville address.

* In 2011, Parker amended the articles of incorporation of his business to reflect a Tuscumbia physical address.

* The 2016 filings continue to list the Tuscumbia address as the principal place of business.

* A LinkedIn entry lists a Hugo Dante as the “principal architect” at the company since 1998, or five years before Parker/Create was officially founded. It’s possible that Parker bought out a company for which Dante worked…or it’s possible that Dante is a good architect, but bad with numbers.

* The Create Architects’ Facebook page lists the company’s address as 218 North Court, home of the Shoals Market, a collective of sorts where various businesses rent stalls or space. This could be a second office, a move to save money, or something else. We don’t see the need to establish a Florence office in order to secure a contract with the city, since the city has never been reluctant to hire out of area architects before.


Today is the first day for official filing in municipal elections in Alabama. Will there be any surprises? Stay tuned.

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