Monday, July 18, 2016

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

By: The Midnight Rider

We recently met a gentleman named Robert Eason that owns a business on 6th Street in Muscle Shoals. Seemed like a nice fellow. Anyway, we knew that we had heard that name somewhere but couldn’t place it. The next day, it hit us. He is the person that the City of Muscle Shoals says his LED Sign is too bright. Hmm, it seems that people are complaining that it shines in their houses at night time.

OK, if that is true, it is my understanding that the signs can be dimmed. But the reason for this article is the Ordinance that the City of Sheffield adopted. Well, more the amendment. According to the Times Daily, the amendment is:

“While the existing ordinance required the signs to automatically reduce the intensity of the lighting at night, the amendments establishes minimum levels of brightness. It also establishes a minimum amount of brightness for “light trespass” or the amount of light shining into a residential property.

The amendment also states all electronic signs “shall contain static messages only and shall not have movement nor flashing on any part of the sign structure, design or pictorial segment of the sign.”

It shall not have any variation in light intensity during the display of any single message.

Transitions between messages shall not use frame effects or other methods that result in movement of a displayed message during the transition. Individual static messages must be displayed for a minimum of 10 seconds.

The amendment contains an exception for the downtown building district.

“Electronic reader boards, electronic message boards or LED boards in the downtown B3 business district may project motion video of sporting events or other appropriate content during special events approved by the mayor or city council,” according the amendment.”

Now we are not an expert at the cost of a LED Sign, but from what we found on the Internet, they are not cheap. With reading the above amendment, we take it that the “Business District”, “Downtown” or “Little Beale Street” can have an LED sign “for special events” approved by the Mayor. It’s amazing that only one business downtown has one of those. I think if I was the owner of Auto-Sound Addiction, I would be pissed at the City of Sheffield since he recently purchased a LED sign.

It seems the “privileged few” can have what they want.

Muskrat Interview

We have been reporting on the Muskrat problem that the City of Tuscumbia has at Spring Park. We have decided that we wanted the other side of the story. We recently visited Spring Park and met Mike the Muskrat. Mike the Muskrat agreed to be interviewed:

MR: Mike, there seems to be a lot of problems at Spring Park that is being blamed on the Muskrats. Is there any truth to that?

MM: No. It is not our fault. We are getting blamed for something that we haven’t done.

MR: Hasn’t there been people been trying to capture you.

MM: Yes. The Tuscumbia Police Department comes around the Park. But we are afraid of them. They are highly trained and have those Machine Gun looking guns. We run from them. But, then you have Animal Control. We laugh at them and stick bananas up the tailpipes of their trucks.

MR: Mike, straight up, who is causing the problems or damage at Spring Park? You can tell me.

MM: (Looking both ways and whispers) It’s those damn Gophers. [As he runs back into the trees}

*Side Note: This was written as humor*

Blue Light Vigil
We saw this recently on Facebook and wanted to pass this on. With what is happening in the World today, people need to come together to unify, not diversify. The Midnight Rider will be there. Shouldn’t you? 


Until next time, I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.


The probation revocation hearing for Holland Noah Elkins, originally set for last Thursday, has been postponed until August 11th. Elkins remains in the Lauderdale County Detention Center without bond.

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