Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Midnight Rider on Movies & Elections

Hollywood has no imagination
By: The Midnight Rider

We may be getting old but it seems that the only thing that Hollywood is turning out lately is remakes and reboots of TV series or other movies. Entertainment that we grew up on is being revamped, remade, updated or redone to entertain the new generation. Instead of coming up with new material, Screenwriters, Producers and Directors can just ay “hey, let’s redo “XYZ” that was on TV in the 80s. Or, better yet, let’s make a sequel to “XYZ.”
The first one that pops in my mind, we guess because of all of the hype for Captain America, Civil War, is Chris Evans played the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movie. It did well, so they had to do a sequel. Then Chris takes the lead role as Captain America. So, to further complicate matters, the Fantastic Four movie was redone. We are so confused.

Classic movies that we grew up with are being redone in today’s flair. Point Break is an example of that. We loved that movie. You had Keanu Reeves, the late Patrick Swayze and Gary Busey starring in it. It was an action movie with style. Then last year, it was redone. We have not seen the new one yet but part of my heart knows it will not be the same.
Another remake that comes to mind is the Punisher. Back in the early 90s, Dolph Lundgren and Louis Gossett Jr started in the Punisher movie. As an action movie buff, we thought it was good. However, it didn’t do well in intake of money. The Punisher was redone with Tony Jane in the lead. We really liked that movie. John Travolta played a classic “bad guy.” So, what do they do? Make a sequel. It was named Punisher, War Zone starring Ray Stevens. We didn’t really like this one and it was supposed to be right up my alley as far as genre.

There have been some remakes of classic TV shows that turned out well. Miami Vice, the A-Team, or S.W.A.T. is the ones that come to mind first. These TV shows entertained us when we were young and now can entertain our children. We read recently that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is filming a remake of Baywatch. That should be interesting.
Now, we have to talk about sequels. Some sequels have been good, some bad. We think Lethal Weapon 2, and Die Hard 2 was as good as the originals. However, some companies make squeals that have nothing to do with the originals. There are 2 sequels to S.W.A.T that have nothing to do with the original cast. The 3rd sequel was so bad, we didn’t make past 15 minutes from the beginning.
In closing, let’s get some fresh material Hollywood. Develop new characters’ and movies so that our kids will call these movies classics. There is fresh ground to plow, just do it. Maybe in 20 years someone will be writing for Shoalanda Speaks about remakes and reboots of their movies.
P.S. As we were writing this, we just saw the trailer for the remake of the Magnificent Seven. Geez. Never mind, we will probably go see it.

Qualifying Municipal Elections: 2016
Well, qualifying for Municipal elections is over. Below is a list of candidates for each City or Town. Candidates in Red are unopposed. If it is in Blue, there is no one running for that spot.  There is more Red and Blue than Black. Sad, very sad.
Mayor -- Jimmy Glass
Town Council
Place 1 -- Richard Belue
Place 2 -- Terry Haraway
Place 3 -- Open
Place 4 -- John Williams
Place 5 -- Kip Williams
Mayor -- Terry Cosby
Town Council
District 1 –- Kay Handley, Sandi Hendrix
District 2 -- Loretta Wallace
District 3 – Paul Norman
District 4: Tiffani Fuqua
District 5 – Rene’ Fann
Mayor – Lillie Mae Boddie, Susan Goode, Mickey Haddock, Steve Holt, Billy Ray Simpson
City Council
District 1 -- Yolanda Johnson, Kaytrina Simmons, Dave Smith
District 2 – Dick Jordan
District 3 -- David Bradley, Hermon Graham
District 4 -- Michelle Rupe Eubanks, John Hargett, Tom Wissert
District 5 -- Blake Edwards, Chase Holcombe
District 6 – Andy Betterton, Jim Fisher, Bob Hill
Mayor – Tim Tubbs
Town Council
Place 1 –- Ryan Blessing, Robert White
Place 2 -- Don Owens, Mary Ann Rippey
Place 3 -- Pamela Hardison, Connie Parrish
Place 4 -- Charles Glover
Place 5 -- John McGee
Mayor – John Landers
Town Council
Place 1 -- Gladis Canty
Place 2 – Mike Gower
Place 3 – Lowell McKay
Place 4 – Andre McGhaee
Place 5 – Betty Jane Borden
Mayor -- Sandra Burroughs, Tim Collier
Town Council
Place 1 – Wendell Gooch, Peggy McGee
Place 2 – Patrick Campbell, Carla McGee
Place 3 -- Phil Springer
Place 4 -- Ronald Mitchell
Place 5 – Belinda Michael
Mayor -- Scott Howard, Phillip Pace, Gene Strait, Eddie Wilson
Town Council
Place 1 -- David McAnally
Place 2 -- Ronald Berry, Rodney McAnally Jr.
Place 3 –- Harold Malone
Place 4 –- Diana Young
Place 5 -- Jared Ergle, Donald Pennington
Muscle Shoals
Mayor -- David H. Bradford
City Council --
Place 1 -- Chris Hall, Don Terry
Place 2 -- Neal Willis
Place 3 -- Michael W. Lockhart
Place 4 -- Mike Price, Ken Sockwell
Place 5 – Daron Goodloe, Allen Noles
Mayor – James Haygood, Richard Herston
Town Council
Place 1 -- George Mason
Place 2 -- Colby Tucker
Place 3 -- Danny Jones
Place 4 -- Jonathan Newton
Place 5 -- Robert Clark
Mayor -- Randy Bray, David Grissom, Donnie Horton
City Council
District 1 – David Palmer, John Thorn
District 2 -- Judy Miller, Ronney Murphy, William Nale
District 3 – Roy Cornelison, Gary Cummings, Dwight Jackson
District 4 – Arthur Elliott, Lanny Hubbard, Billy Patterson
District 5 -- Brent Caldwell, Jamey Harris
Mayor -- Ian Sanford
City Council
District 1 -- Ronnie Wicks
District 2 -- Sebastian Devaughn, Dewayne Roden, Gary Scales
District 3 -- Steve Nix
District 4 -- Mary Stevens, Penny Freeman
District 5 – Steve Stanley
St. Florian
Mayor -- Don Strait
Town Council
Place 1 -- Louis Stumpe
Place 2 -- Matthew Connolly
Place 3 -- Margarete Eckl
Place 4 -- Open
Place 5 -- Jamie Eckl
Mayor -- David Cole, Kerry Underwood
Town Council
District 1 – Katherine Logan, Robert Polk
District 2 – George Johnson, Geraldine Tompkins
District 3 – Dave Couch, William Foster, Tom McCormack
District 4 – Richard Coates, Paul Haley
District 5 – Mike Isom, Terry Willis
Mayor – Mel Grimes, Jerry McIntyre
Town Council
Place 1 – Allen Caddell, Jack Harris
Place 2 – Joan Farneman
Place 3 – Melony Carter, Don Raper
Place 4 – Chris Stricklin
Place 5 – Jeremy Simpson
Over the next couple of weeks, we will start making picks for the various elections.
Until next time…..
I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.


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