Friday, July 15, 2016

Franklin County "Why?"/Shorty's Victims

It’s time for the Franklin County edition of “Why?” 

* Why was Hershel Dale Graham physically able to make the trip from Montgomery to attend his father’s funeral…and back again, yet is too ill to be placed in the Hamilton Center for the Aged and Infirm? While housed in the Kilby Prison infirmary, Graham is able to remain in bed all day and enjoy air conditioning in the summer. It may not be home, but it’s more than most receive in the Alabama Prison System.

* Why is former Vina teacher/coach Sonny DeWayne Tibbs not on the Alabama sex offender registry? Tibbs accepted a plea deal that required him to serve 60 days (Yes, you read that right, only 60 days) in jail and then register as an Alabama sex offender when he had completed his sentence—served entirely on weekends, no less.


Speaking of plea deals, remember Shaun Shapley? He’s the Lexington man who murdered his younger stepdaughter during a rape attempt and accepted a plea of 25 years, then attempted to appeal the very deal he had signed off on.

During the course of the investigation, it came to light that Shapley was the father of his older stepdaughter’s two children. Really nice guy, huh? It seems his stepdaughter regularly takes the two children south to see Shapley in prison.

Just how does that work? “C’mon, kids, it’s time to get ready to visit your granddad, who’s actually just your step-granddad, but is biologically your father…you know, the one who killed my sister…that’s your aunt if you’re confused by the whole thing.”


Speaking of that Lauderdale County town, Lexington High grad Corey “Shorty” Davis is currently under indictment for three rape/kidnappings in the Chisholm Road area north of Florence. Authorities have suggested the tree trimmer may have more victims, whom he lured to Lauderdale County from more distant areas.

The three current cases should be enough to put Shorty (wonder if he pronounces it “Shawty?”) away for a long time, but if there are other victims out there, please come forward. If guilty, this man doesn’t deserve to see the light of day again.

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