Friday, July 24, 2015

A Simple Request of Judge Terry Dempsey

Do you remember the name Tom Freeland IV? Mr. Freeland was a high profile Oxford, Mississippi, attorney who ventured to Franklin County to assist in the defense of Hershel Graham, convicted killer of David Andrasik. Freeland came from a long line of attorneys, his father having been friends with William Faulkner. In other words, Mr. Freeland wasn't some fly-by-night ambulance chaser—he charged big bucks for his services.

Tom Freeland Sings Those Poor Lawyer Blues

Sadly, Mr. Freeland passed away last February from complications relating to surgery. That apparently leaves two attorneys still representing Graham, but we doubt either of them comes cheap. Someone in Graham's family, presumably his father, has money to throw after his profligate son.

While Graham remains in the Kilby infirmary, he is scheduled to be returned to Red Bay under house arrest, ostensibly a dying man. That apparently can't be changed.

However, it's come to our attention that while the Grahams have spent countless dollars on Hershel's defense, no restitution has been made to David's family. Upon his sentencing, Graham was also ordered to pay the Andrasik family $9,986.00 in damages to cover funeral and other miscellaneous expenses. So far, not one dollar has been offered in restitution.

Let the dying man go virtually free? So be it, Judge Dempsey, but surely you can summon up the wrath to at least suggest Graham pay his court-ordered debt in order to be released.


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