Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gov. Bentley's Getting a Bum Rap

It's no secret to anyone who can read that State Auditor Jim Ziegler is running for governor. Zig, as he's called, has some great ideas...and some not so great. You might say that makes him like the rest of us.

Recently he's criticized Gov. Robert Bentley for removing the Confederate battle flag from the state capital in Montgomery. Yesterday he slammed Bentley for waiting until PresBO ordered the US flag to be flown at half-staff until ordering the same in this state.

Whoa. Let's look at flag etiquette...even though it's not always followed. Only the president may order the national flag flown at half-staff, with one possible exception. A state governor my order the flag lowered when a notable citizen dies. None of the four unfortunate victims of the Muslim terrorist attack was from Alabama.

It's been only two years ago that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ordered flags in that state lowered to honor singer Whitney Houston. What can we is New Jersey. Many laid that peculiar at best decision at Obama's feet. While our commander-in-chief has much to answer for, that little aberration is not one of them.

Nor should Bentley be blamed for following correct flag etiquette this week. We're much more concerned with those who refuse to call the Tennessee shootings a terrorist attack. If that wasn't one, just what would it take to be one? Another 9/11?


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