Wednesday, July 8, 2015


1. First, a question about the vacant lot at 101 Park Boulevard. As recently as 2008, there was a remuddled home cum apartments in that location. Now the building has been removed and a huge basement filled in. A friend who used to live nearby wants to know what happened to the apartments.

2. Zoning laws? The city of Sheffield has refused to allow a temporary pool with a privacy fence in the front yard of a dwelling. The duration was to have been two weeks. We can understand this at some level, but the pool was to have been for a child facing surgery who would not be able to swim afterwards. On this note, what fun things are there to do in Sheffield for a pre-school child that are within the budget of a young family? Send us some suggestions.

3. Our reader who was seeking help with a dangerous tree in Sheffield has been denied by the utility department. We hope he has kept documentation of his requests in case of future problems.


Perhaps some of our readers remember a few years ago when our FB page was personal rather than a public personage. At that time we had a few complaints about a local attorney, but nothing we could publish since formal charges had not been filed...and never were as far as we know.

We mentioned we would keep an eye on this attorney's exploits, and the next day we had friend requests from two Florence attorneys. Neither one was the subject of our readers' ire. Insert laugh track here.

Now it seems there may be fresh news about this person. Stay tuned...



  1. Is this the one that used to be an old Episcopal Church?

    1. The photograph? Or something else? The photo is of city hall.